Go Green

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature…he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”  – John Muir

Some of our latest green choices include:
* Installation of compact flourescent bulbs and water saving devices throughout
Hot water for both buildings produced by solar panels
* Soap dispensers with plant based, natural body/hair soap for our guests
In-room recycle bins
* Establishing more green space to help absorb run-off
* Use of rain barrels to collect rain water off of roof for watering flowers
* Use of baking soda and vinegar as primary cleaning products
* Replacing 2 older inefficient buildings with 1 highly efficient solar building
* Shopping locally, whenever possible
* Attempting to keep our footprint as small as possible by considering every purchase
* Continuing to decrease our use of carbon based fuels at all times
* Installation of electric hook-up for cars
Absolutely No VOC paint and No Formaldehyde carpet

We are proud members of Green America, an organization whose mission is to harness the strength of consumers, investors and businesses to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. A Green America “Green Business” is one which adopts green practices to improve quality of life.

We will continue to strive to improve our commitment to our environment and our community.

Stories from the Inn...

We love our flowers at the Adventure Inn. When we built our newest addition, we had many local people donate perennials from their garden. The joy of receiving so many new “flower friends” has created our new Friends Garden. Now we get to watch them thrive and share the friendship with our guests as they relax on our decks.