News from the Adventure Inn

Leaning Cedar Tree’s Dock repair in 40 degree water. Brrrrrrrrr

We finally could take the boat out to the cabin instead of “walking” there. Always a bit of excitement as we never know what will be waiting for us. Our Dock this time and was  heading out to the BWCA. Our dock is built on a rock crib and is permanent. This years ice and snow made the river much higher and washed our dock off the crib. What to do??? No one wanted to go into the frigid water to rebuild it but, we need our dock and we have guests coming in a few days. so dear, sweet (and brave) Mark and our dear friend (who is also brave) Jim, braved the temps and rebuilt the dock. First the crib needs to be repositioned and refiled with rocks. Which meant reaching down into the water and hauling up rock to hold the crib in place.Leveling it with rocks, all the time teeth were chattering. No room for error as they place the dock frame over the crib. Our dock is now back in working order but most importantly, the 2 guys survived and made the dock even stronger in the process. Springtime surprises in Northern Minnesota and the edge of the BWCA.