Just a few of our favorite annual Ely Events:


Ely Winter Festival – February 1-10
Wolf Track Classic Dog Sled Race – February 23-24

Cyctic Fibrosis Walleye Tournament – May 16

Walleye Whamma Annual fishing Contest  – June 6

Greenstone Children’s Art Camp – June 15-17
Annual Lilypad Picnic
 – July 17-20
Blueberry Arts Festival – July 24-26

Boundary Waters Blues Festival -August 13
Harvest Moon Festival – September 11-13

For more events visit our Ely Chamber of Commerce web site at

Stories from the Inn...

We are great fans of Winter in Ely so when we have guests from the South we enjoy sharing Winter with them. We had a father and 2 grown daughters from southern Texas come for Christmas one year. They came to experience it all and they sure did!!! Snowmobiled, ice fished, skied, snow shoed, even tried to shoot icy soap bubbles with BB’s. Families can find so much to do here in the Winter.