“A BWCAW canoe trip can be one of the most rewarding and adventurous vacations you ever take. Combine the breathtaking beauty, wildlife, fishing and just plain fun of camping and you’ll have memories of the canoe country to last a lifetime. Imagine the view of a summer sunset across a remote Minnesota lake with the haunting cries of a loon serenading you to sleep each night. Maybe you’ll see the northern lights from a campsite that was seemingly untouched when you landed your canoe. For many, the BWCAW means quality wilderness fishing. Your outfitter can let you know what’s hitting on what lake. Fishing pressure is light on most lakes, and a short portage off the regular routes could put you into a lakes that are seldom visited or fished!

If you want a wilderness vacation where you can relish the beauty and peacefulness of one of America’s most natural areas, escape the crowds and come to Ely.” – Ely, MN Chamber of Commerce

Stories from the Inn...

One of the fun things to do in the wilderness is to feed the Gray Jays or Whiskey Jacks as some locals call them. We call them Chickadees on steroids. They are friendly birds that look like very large chickadees. They like to hang around campsites and if you can sit very still with your hand outstretched with some food, you might be able to tempt one to land on your hand to grab the food.